We dance to express what we think, what we feel, who we are. Dance is a world of possibility through movement where practice makes each moment vital and important. Here at KU, through history, theory and practice, we’ll teach you how dance can infuse every facet of your life.

Our faculty members are internationally recognized professional dancers and scholars in dance history, cultural studies and arts administration. You will receive comprehensive technical training built on a solid liberal arts foundation allowing you to explore a diverse range of double majors or minors.


Film and Media Studies

Film & Media Studies

Tomorrow's filmmakers today. The Department of Film and Media Studies combines creative practice with history, theory and criticism. Together we invent, explore, discover and grow as artists and scholars in an environment of mutual encouragement and community.

At its core, film and media studies illuminates everyday life. It makes us aware of the human story across time and place and purpose. Participate in storytelling on multiple platforms.  We provide opportunities and multimedia tools to develop your knowledge and skills.


The theatre is a reflection of life. The theatre crafts meaning and collaboration between the stage and the audience. In KU’s Department of Theatre, you will realize your potential as an artist. 

Our faculty members are award-winning, internationally recognized professional artists and scholars. We give aspiring stage artists a vibrant space to study and create great theatre. We provide opportunities and tools to develop your knowledge and skills.


Visual Art

In the Department of Visual Art, you will take on new awareness as your skills and vision expand. You will develop an individual approach to thinking and making. Our dedicated faculty work with you to foster a variety of innovative, contemporary approaches to your creative work that enables exploration of a broad range of media and disciplines.