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Germaine Halegoua

Germaine Halegoua

Department: Film and Media Studies

Time at KU: Since Fall 2011

What courses do you teach?

New Media and Society, New Media in Transition, Television Studies, Methods and Applications for Digital Media Studies, Introduction to Film and Media Studies, a Professional Development Seminar for graduate students, and Representing the City: What Studying Film & Media Can Teach Us About Urban Experiences a seminar for First-Year Students

Tell us about your latest project:

Bonnie Johnson (Department of Urban Planning at KU) and I have been conducting surveys and interviews with residents of some neighborhoods in Lawrence, in order to learn about the ways residents communicate with their neighbors and neighborhood associations, what neighbors and neighborhoods mean to them, and the potential and challenges for using social media within neighborhood contexts. We currently have two papers under review that discuss some of our findings and we are about to start analyzing data from surveys with four more Lawrence neighborhoods.

I'm also in the process of writing a book about how people use digital media technologies and practices to create a sense of place for themselves within urban environments. Researchers have been investigating how digital media influence the ways that people interact with each other in public spaces or in public ways, but more attention needs to be paid to how people use digital media to interact with public space and place. The book will look at a variety of case studies and experiences from the Google Fiber project in Kansas City, to the ways that digital media users document and navigate urban space, to the perspectives of urban planners and developers who are building "smart cities" in East Asia.